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This article was originally published in November 2017 and has been updated.

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Video gamers react to the WHO potentially adding ‘gaming disorder’ to its mental health conditions.
B Overbey
21 Feb
It's time for this country to man up and quit looking for blame in every action. It's time our government steps back and stops trying to control our lives. A few years ago it was what kids ate at school. We might as well throw the constitution out and become socialist and let the government tell us when we can breath and when we can eat.
Only 15% of hiring managers would consider hiring an overweight woman
10 Dec
I've fought weight most of my life never over ate was very active. At 572 lbs I was more active had more energy then most of my coworkers that were in good weight classified. After life long pursuit of doctor after doctor trying to figure out why found out when I was rushed to hospital with pneumonia that my weight problem all along was a kidney problem. I was retaining water it was so bad then that sitting there I would have a puddle of water under my legs In half an hr. Once that was figured out I lost most of my weight in 6 months at 6 ft 4 now only 207 lbs. Now what do you think of your self for judging a person for being lazy overindulging or any other comments you had. Don't judge till you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes or better yet don't judge anyone least you shall be judged also.
How to go on vacation for $10
Mike Daniel
Gallup said 20% took international vacations. That's around 66 million Americans. That number just seems high to me unless they are counting Canada and Mexico or the spattering of Caribbean islands. Those are barely international vacations in my mind.
The U.S. Army just opened these three new combat posts to women
Anttravese Smith
7 Feb
No life is more precious than the other. Whether you're a man or woman, your right to serve your country shouldn't have limitations. If you're physically and mentally capable of passing the tests that qualify you for the position, then you should be allowed to carry out your duties without receiving negative backlash for doing what less than 1% of our nation's population volunteers to do, selflessly serve their country!
This Massachusetts pageant queen tells Moneyish why she returned her crown
Good for her!
Women in the U.S. Navy can finally wear dreadlocks and ponytails
Timothy Golden
to captain a teeny tiny ferry you must ‘take and pass’ many Testsvsto captain America you don’t have to ‘take and pass’ any Tests(duh!)
These women dropped out of college and became SiriusXM radio hosts overnight
walter billings
26 Feb
Oh come on, how many people listen to Sirius XM radio in America? And who are these two young girls? A flash in the pan for a small number of young people. But, again, let them have their show and make some money while they can.
This is how much you should actually invest in a pair of flip-flops this summer
Marie Hasdie
24 Jun
good article,flip flops is not really bad
You can finally use Venmo to pay for your GrubHub or Seamless order
Average Joe
At first I was confused why we were talking about Venmo teaming up with Uber, like it seemed like the article spent more time than the entire population was going to save. Then saw it was a recycled article and it all made sense.
6 jobs where workers are most likely to have diabetes
LPS Miner Walker
27 Jul
Your risk of diabetes is directly proportional to your salary.... How about hereditary reasons like 3rd generation diabetic
Here’s how to make a decent living without a college degree
4 Nov
An associates degree IS a college degree... but the article is titled how to make a decent living WITHOUT a college degree.
Why most millennials are waiting longer to get engaged
Gus Lueschen
I think the #metoo movement is going to delay marriage quite a bit for women and that will result in way fewer kids. In the end it will become irrelevant because men will simply find women who aren't as radical to date and marry.
You have to see these adorable new ‘Got Milk?’ ads of kids with grown-up problems
Justice Acclimated Growth
Cow's Milk is for baby calves. Why do people think it is good for humans? YEARS AND YEARS OF ADVERTISING BY THE DAIRY INDUSTRY Cow's milk contains blood, pus, and estrogen. Factory farmed cow's milk also contains antibiotics and growth hormones. The baby calves have to be taken from their mother in order to take the milk for human consumption.
Millennials are killing bar soap
11 Oct
Easiest question for Lickey all day! They don't!! Article SOLVED.
Do you order someone an Uber on the first date?
Average Joe
If you are for gender equality, you pay your own way. That chick that thought men should be chivalrous needs to remove her internalized misogyny and stop feeding the patriarchy. /s



Almost half of millennials say that their credit scores are holding them back

July 14, 2018


April 1, 2018

Why most millennials are waiting longer to get engaged

July 14, 2018

This is how much you should actually invest in a pair of flip-flops this summer

July 14, 2018

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Women in the U.S. Navy can finally wear dreadlocks and ponytails

July 13, 2018

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Here’s how you can save money this Friday the 13th

July 13, 2018

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You can finally use Venmo to split your Uber ride

July 13, 2018


How to go on vacation for $10

July 13, 2018

This is why you should speak up about work problems

July 13, 2018

You have to see these adorable new ‘Got Milk?’ ads of kids with grown-up problems

July 12, 2018

Now you can pay $25 to nap on a Casper mattress

July 12, 2018

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Leadership is a full-contact sport. Like any sport, mastering it physically, emotionally and cognitively is what leads to success. Deliberate practice, the art of conscientiously working on an area of growth and seeking continual feedback and improvement in your practice, is an important part of achieving inspired leadership.

Too often, success is left riding on the shoulders of extraordinary resumes, with the expectation and assumption that impressive skills and expertise are enough to drive organizational performance.

The reality is, they aren’t.

Regardless of form, mastery comes with the systematic and intentional discipline of practice- sports, dance, art, writing, and especially the often overlooked sport of leadership.

Be Like Mike

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of, if not the best, basketball playerto ever live. Many believe that his talent and physical skills are what propelled him to greatness, but for those of us who have children that were obsessed with basketball and Jordan’s career, we know better. We have read countless tales of his relentless practice discipline, the thousands of hours he spent before and after every practice to continue making foul shots until he could sink them with his eyes closed. He was often the last person on the court.

Good Is Not Good Enough

We know that it is easy to forget how important deliberate practice is. When things are running smoothly, performance is “good”, and there are no urgent fires to put out, it can seem like the drumbeat of an annual performance review, offsite meeting and monthly employee newsletter are enough.

However, as we move into 2018, we know good is not good enough- today’s business environment demands excellence.

Rapidly changing markets, technology disruption and the challenges that come with up to four generations of employees working shoulder to shoulder, are only a few of the conditions facing leaders and their teams today.

The increasing pace of change necessitates that companies both inspire and develop their people through a commitment to the deliberate practice of leadership.

Deliberate Practice Is Intentional Practice

Humans are hard-wired to seek consistency and predictability. With consistent action and intention, you can achieve growth and evolution. Curious by nature, we always seek to practice something, and if we aren’t aren’t intentionally choosing what and how to practice, it becomes a significant missed leadership opportunity.

We know that one of the most powerful ways to lead change is through tiny shifts in habit. According to Discount Fast Delivery Buy Cheap Extremely Andrea Yaaqov hanging tassel bomber Outlet Big Sale Best Store To Get For Sale Prices Sale Online NSrUmQ5N
, a pioneer in the study of expert performance, “ in pretty much any area of human endeavor, people have a tremendous capacity to improve their performance, as long as they train in the right way .”

Practice In Your Stretch Zone

Leaders often call upon the infamous 10,000 hours rule to inspire commitment to a practice discipline. Popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, this rule suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field.

While “putting in the reps” is important, we believe that it is not just the quantity of practice hours that determines success, but what is practiced during those hours. Effective deliberate practice couples intentional effort with real-time feedback and assessment on a skill that stretches you outside your comfort zone. When individuals practice what is most challenging for them, performance success is accelerated and enhanced.

Michael Jordan didn’t just practice foul shots, he practiced them from the angles on the court that were most inconsistent for him. He didn’t just practice dribbling the ball, he practiced dribbling with his non-dominant hand. It is in deliberately and intentionally practicing what is hardest that performance excellence can be achieved.

InspireCorps Lead Facilitator and Coach, Katie Kilty, Ed.D. says that “deliberate practice is about intentionally trying differently versus trying harder. It involves understanding the edges of your comfort, stretch and panic zones in an effort to practice within the stretch zone:

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to design a new plan for deliberate practice. Just identify one or two capabilities that if practiced more intentionally, would generate the most significant performance improvement.

“Experience can be overrated. Talent can be irrelevant. Mindless repetition is a waste of time. Deliberate practice is the key to improvement and, ultimately, real achievement.” Herno padded zipup jacket 2018 Online Latest Outlet 2018 Unisex Sale Clearance beP1A

Although this works, it isn’t very flexible. By default, your background image will repeat across both the X and Y axis. Depending on the size of your image, that can result in unexpected and unwanted behavior. You also can’t position or resize the background image, which is often useful—especially on today’s mobile devices.

An additional attribute that you should include when using this approach is the bgcolor attribute, which provides a fallback color for when a background image can’t be displayed or doesn’t fill up the available space. This is necessary for two major reasons:

The bgcolor attribute is also deprecated, but still works in most browsers and email clients. However, there’s a better way to use background images in your HTML emails…

A more robust and flexible method is using the CSS background-image property inline on an element like a div or td .

The background-image property again takes a URL, which is how you point to your background image. While that code will pull in the your image, using it by itself results in the same problems as the background attribute, namely that it repeats and doesn’t allow for resizing or positioning.

If you want to prevent the background image from repeating, you can add in the background-repeat property:

This can take a few different values , but the most common one is no-repeat , which will stop the image from repeating on both the X and Y axis.

If you want your image positioned somewhere else besides the default of top left, you can use the background-position property with a few different values :

One of the most useful background properties, though, is the background-size property. It allows you to state how the background image should be sized to cover the available space in which the image is displayed. This is especially useful on mobile, where the amount of space is often limited. Instead of letting the device default to shrinking down your background image, you could use a value like cover or contain to more gracefully display the background image.

Finally, the last significant background property is the background-color property, which determines a fallback color for when the background image isn’t displayed or doesn’t fill up the entire containing element.

That can be a lot to remember when building an email, so it’s useful to save your background image for reuse later on. Or, if you want, you can rely on the background CSS property, which is a shorthand for all of those properties above. Using the background property, the above could be condensed into the following:

That’s a lot cleaner but it’s still a bit messy and hard to navigate within the HTML of your email. Let’s see how separating the styles from the HTML can help clean things up.

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Gulf Coast Pathology Associates, P.A. (GCPA), located in the Greater Houston area, is dedicated to providing excellent quality pathology services for our patients and referring physicians. We are focused on quality of patient care and provide accurate results in an efficient and timely manner.

GCPA pathologists are board certified in Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, or combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. All of the pathologists have fellowship training, and most have subspecialty board certification, representing a variety of pathology subspecialties: Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine, Hematopathology, Cytopathology, Forensic Pathology, and Molecular and Human Genetics.

Gulf Coast Pathology Associates Physicians

Paul M. Allison, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking

Paul M. Allison, M.D.

Alice J. Chen, M.D., PhD. Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking, PhD Molecular

Alice J. Chen, M.D., PhD.

Laurie S. Holley, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Forensics

Laurie S. Holley, M.D.

Barbara A. Lines, M.D. KWMC Laboratory Medical Director Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Barbara A. Lines, M.D.

Sara Sant’Ambrogio, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology

Sara Sant’Ambrogio, M.D.

Vilmos A. Thomazy, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Hematopathology, PhD Molecular

Vilmos A. Thomazy, M.D.
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